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I've been interested (read OCD) in rock and pop ever since seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. After the Beatles, it was the Animals for a while, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Allman Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Mahagony Rush, The Outlaws, Thin Lizzy, Saraya, Great White, Saxon, Vixen, Foghat, MSG, Marshall Tucker, Fleetwood Mac, Spock's Beard / Neal Morse, Precious Metal, IQ and a host of others. I would really get into a band for a period and try to find as much material on them as I could.  More often that not, it would be driven by some guitarist that I really liked and off I'd go on a new musical tangent. :)
My favorite era is the 1970s as I thought so much new ground was being broken and new genres emerging from the fusion of blues, country, jazz and gospel.
I think Grunge kiled off our music for a while (certainly eliminating the need to learn how to play lead guitar), but it's all come back, even vinyl is having a renaissance.
I started playing guitar in 1973 and was the lead guitarist in some pretty horrific covers bands here in the Chicago area. They used to call me "Dr. Smolderfrets".  Of late I've been applying my "talents" to the Worship Team at an Evangelical Non-Denominational Church with some very gifted fellow musicians. And, wow, everyone is not only on time but has learned their parts and is nice to one another. Imagine that!

For more information you can go to Ace Bootlegs which indexes more than 3000 different bootleg releases. The page is in French but you can do a cut & paste into Google Translator.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Duane Allman, who planted the seed, Dick Landis, who sold me my first guitar; a solid body Rick, Rod Price who inspired me to learn how to play slide, the forgotten Peter Banks, and finally Jan Kuehnemund who could make even a JB Player sound amazing and broke the hard rock gender glass ceiling.